Gelato Training Courses

Gelato Course— Since 2019 Bali Culinary Pastry School has collaborated with Carpigiani Gelato University, the largest international gelato school. Our goal is to share the knowledge and skills to create authentic Italian artisan gelato with those who are really passionate to be a successful gelatiere and entrepreneurs. Conducted in our school at Tabanan, every student receives a comprehensive learning about the art of gelato making that crafted with passion and precision.

Gelato Course Bali
Gelato Course Bali

With expert guidance and hands-on practice at production station with technology machineries and enhanced food safety measures, you will hone your skills and unleash your inner gelato maestro. From mastering base recipes and experimenting with flavour profiles to perfecting presentation techniques, you will emerge from this culinary adventure equipped to make your own perfect gelato.

At our school, there are two courses available with the details below:

Basic Course Subject (3 Days)

  • What is Gelato?
  • Raw Materials and their Functional Composition
  • Production Process
  • Production Cycle and equipment in a gelato shop
  • Gelato Flavouring
  • Flavour Compensation
  • Fruit Sorbet using seasonal fruit
  • Sorbet Recipe creation exercise
  • Popular flavours in South East Asia
  • Hands on exercise everyday

Pre-Intermediate Course Subject (2 Days)

  • Raw Material – Functional Composition
  • Introduction Milk Based Gelato Balancing
  • Cream Gelato Balancing
  • Ingredients Substitution
  • Sorbet Balancing
Carpigiani Gelato Course

This program is open for individuals who are passionate to learn more about gelato and gaining a deeper understanding of these specific field. Our professional gelato instructors will ensure that everyone will get the best experience at our school. Through this Gelato Course, you will possess the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to successfully launch your very own Gelato shop. Contact us directly to know more about our gelato course!

Gelato course Bali