4 January 2017, Bali Culinary Pastry School was showcasing talented students through “Private Food Tasting”, attended by 60 invitations. This event was a process of Practical Examination of Commis & Demi Chef students.

In this practical exam, students was challenged to operate a kitchen as like as in industry. Therefore, they were divided into 2 groups. The first group was named Kelana Restaurant and the second group was Fusio Restaurant.

These restaurants was showcasing the uniqueness of their menus, start from appetizer, main course as well as the dessert. In this exam, Bali Culinary Pastry School was also invited one of professional chef from five-stars hotel in Bali as a Guest Judge Chef, Executive Chef Andrew Skinner. Guest Judge chef was getting involved to do assessment for all students during the process in the kitchen as well as tasting the food. Students has been through the learning process for 3 months in school and 3 months in industry. With their skills and learning experience in industry, they were able to present any western foods, in buffet and set menu service.

All chef instructors appreciated all their hard work, while they’re preparing the best menu to be presented on this Food Tasting event. Start from, bought some ingredients, costing food, menu design and development, also setting up buffet and set menu service.

This event was finished by giving appreciation to all students that has been presented the best service in this second Food Tasting event. Now, all students will enter the culinary industry in some five-stars hotel and prestigious restaurant in Bali. It’s an opportunity for them to excel and reach their career dream in culinary industry.