24 NOVEMBER 2017


Cuve Bali Event at Bali Culinary Pastry School

Thomas Pellegrini from Classic Fine Foods invites chefs from boutique hotels, restaurants and distributors, a presentation of the Chocolate Company of Valrhona at the "Cuveé Bali" event at Bali Culinary Pastry School, Tabanan regency, also in an effort to introduce the island's chocolate to the tourists. "Cuveé Bali Bali`s activities in an effort to introduce the benefits of cocoa products from cocoa farmers under the aegis of Kerta Semaya Samaniya Cooperative, Jembrana, Bali," said Thomas.


Kerta Semaya Cooperative from Jembrana District, Bali, has been cultivated by Chocolate company Valrhona, one of the biggest chocolate companies in France including importer of chocolate permentation from Jembrana Bali.


According to Thomas, cocoa produced by cocoa beans from Jembrana District which has been getting guidance from the Valrhona Chocolate company is very qualified, because the process uses a system of permentation, and the selection of cocoa beans before it is sent to the Valrhona factory in France. Through the activities of "Cuveé Bali" in Bali Culinary Pastry School attended by chefs from a number of star hotels in Bali and Jakarta, as well as school children to introduce cakes made from chocolate from Jembrana it.


"In the cooking presentation of the cake, we featured Pastry Chef Ecole Varhrone Maxime Danguillaume from Tokyo, Japan, with the theme" 68% Fruity & Chocolatey ". In the presentation to make the cake almost 68% using ingredients from chocolate produced cocoa permentation Jembrana origin, "said Thomas who was accompanied by Sales and Marketing Classic Fine Food.


After the cook performed a cooking demo, the guests were given a chance to taste the cake. In the demo presents three different forms of cake, but the main ingredients are all brown.